FuriousFPV True-D 2.4GHz Long Range VRX


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TRUE-D 2.4GHz Diversity Receiver – For the ultimate Range.
Step into a new realm of FPV video clarity.


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Utilizing its built-in OSD module, you can configure and select channels directly on screen while wearing the goggles, making on-demand adjustments even easier than ever before. The OSD also has built-in RSSI helping you can keep track of crucial video signal strength to maximize your FPV flight.

With a 2.4GHz frequency band, you now have extreme levels of the range that are far beyond 5.8GHz offerings, with a more robust signal strength that features far less video noise due to greater levels of signal penetration. This gives a crisp & clean video feed, allowing a for a  maximum long range flight experience bar none.

With the very 1st 2.4GHz system that is directly applicable to FatShark goggles, you can also utilize the TRUE-D 2.4GHz system with the Furious FPV DOCK-KING for even greater levels of standalone video quality, making the TRUE-D 2.4GHz a serious bit of kit.
No ground station required – the TRUE-D 2.4 encompasses it all when used with modular goggles.

Incorporating 16 available channels, built-in energy saving mode, thermal sensory protection, true diversity with dual antenna options and a high definition OLED display. The 2.4GHz TRUE-D unit is give a truly impressive FPV experience that you won’t want to pass up. A massive range awaits your next FPV flight.

Features & Specifications:

  • True Diversity Systems for Maximum Video Clarity
  • Built-In OSD
  • Compact with FatShark/Dock-King Compatibility
  • 2.4GHz – 16 Frequency Channels
  • Compatible with Non-Audio VTx Systems
  • Built-In Energy Savings Module
  • Integrated USB Port for FW Updates
  • Built-In Thermal Protection
  • Easy to Read OLED Display
  • Turn off Module B to save energy.
  • Incredible Range at 2.4GHz

Compared to 5.8GHz, 2.4GHz offers an incredible range with greater levels of reception penetration which offers a more robust video signal quality that pushes far beyond 5.8GHz. With 2.4GHz technology, your video quality will not suffer from the same levels of interference with distance and objects between you and your aircraft, giving you confidence to push the boundaries.

Compact Layout + FatShark Compatibility

With the smallest 2.4GHz footprint on the market, the TRUE-D 2.4GHz is the 1st to the market with FatShark compatibility, making the TRUE-D 2.4GHz the unit to have. Add the DOCK-KING to the mix with standalone directional video, and you now have the perfect FPV experience at your fingertips.

Fully Compatible with Non-Audio VTx Systems

Compatible with myriads of VTx systems on the market, the TRUE-D 2.4GHz works without issue when you pair it with a non-audio VTx, allowing maximum levels of FPV flexibility.

Built-In Energy Saving Module

For maximum levels of energy savings, the TRUE-D 2.4GHz allows the ability for (1) module only to be powered, with up to 50% battery savings while functioning. This equates to less time on the charger and more time having fun – just the way it’s supposed to be.

Integrated USB for Firmware Update Capability

To take advantage of new capabilities and updates, the TRUE-D 2.4GHz incorporates an ultra easy USB port for firmware updates, offering new functions and capabilities down the road.

Built-In Thermal Protection

Incorporating built-in thermal protection, the TRUE-D keeps temps in check with a built-in thermal sensor to keep tabs on the TRUE-D when it comes to an excess temperature that can compromise your experience.

Full 16 Channels of 2.4GHz Freedom

With a full (16) channels of 2.4GHz at your fingertips, you can select the perfect FPV channel of your choice for interference-free flying. With a full 16 channels of freedom, flying with friends or racing with competitors means plenty of channels to choose from for the perfect channel selection.

True Diversity System for Ultimate Clarity

Utilizing true FPV receiver diversity with two differing antennas. The TRUE-D will auto select the antenna with the greatest level of signal strength to optimize your signal. Since two antennas are in the mix, you can utilize differing antennas with differing video strengths & capabilities, taking full advantage of all manners of FPV flight with far fewer video dropouts.

Crystal Clear OLED Display

Optimized for maximum levels of clarity, the OLED display is bright and easy to read, even in bright sunlight that washes away all other LCD screens, making this OLED display so easy to use, no matter the lighting conditions.

Antenna NOT included!!!

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