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Prebuilt RTF with HGLRC 28A stack & FrSky Receiver.


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Built with HGLRC’s F4 28A AIO Stack TX20 and Frsky’s R-XSR receiver. On a 3S battery the 128 has amazing performance but if you’re a speed freak, put 4S on and you’ll be nursing a semi.

The same design concept for the 3B-R 214 competition frame (brilliant performance too) is used on the drone.

In order to ensure the strength of the frame and to improve the appearance, the frame structure is CNC-machined by 3K-3mm high quality carbon fibre base plate.
The frame has a high-front low-back slider design to reduce wind drags and improve air speed. The unique front camera position provides the pilots with a much better vision.
With the 1606 high efficiency brushless motor and newly designed GEMFAN propeller (my may want to change these), the power-weight ratio of this drone goes up to 12:1, which delivers insane flying experience.

The equipment that comes with the kit, such as the camera, airframe and props are carefully selected to ensure better flying experience and video quality.
The drone is capable of carrying a small HD camera such as GOPRO SESSION or RUNCAM 2-3.

  • Drone Kit: CNC-machined metal pillar×2, base plate 3mm×1, side frame×2and top plate 1.5mm
  • 3B-R’s 1606 (3500KV) brushless motor CWX2, CCWX2, GF3035×3P×4 propellers.
  • HGLRC F4 28A AIO Stack TX20, 25mW to 350mW (4S capable) Check out the specs here.
  • RUNCAM MINI camera, Dipole Antenna and SMA cable if you want a different antenna.
  • Frsky’s R-XSR micro receiver.

Flight Weight(Without Battery): 156g
Motor mounting axis distance:128mm
Bottom Plate:3mm,side and top plate:1.5mm


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